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Unlock the power of collective defense with Premium Intelligence & Collaboration — the trusted, consolidated, AI-powered knowledge and expert network platform for IT and security teams.

Your team can now keep up with the speed of business more effectively.

The CyberNest for Teams is purposefully built and powered by AI to increase security operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhance team agility, expand domain knowledge, cultivate soft skills, and improve problem-solving capabilities, fast and with ease.

Fully personalized. Accessible. Confidential. All in one place.

Make better, more informed decisions, with confidence

Connect with and shadow independent and unbiased security experts and get private, unfiltered, and strategic advice. No paid analysts. No consultants. Real practitioners who want to help your team make better decisions, quicker.

A user querying for an expert to help them navigate compliance in China, and being provided matching advisors with domain knowledge in Risk & Compliance.
A snapshot of the Team Activity feed showing users who have highlighted, rated, and saved documents within their Team.

Enhance your team communication

Share and receive insights with intuitive tagging, mentions, and annotations. Facilitate seamless collaboration with team members, minimizing knowledge silos and increasing team agility in your organization.

Streamline your tool selection process

Discover, validate, and choose tools that have been thoroughly reviewed and recommended by independent, expert practitioners, enhancing your evaluation process. Minimize obstacles and make smarter investments for your business.

A member querying for an expert who has deployed a SOAR platform in the past 7 months, and being provided with an expert in that area.
Screenshot of The CyberNest Copilot answering the question 'Tell me about neurodiversity in cybersecurity' and providing documented sources.

Foster a security culture of continual learning and development

Get AI-powered, distilled insights from our peer-vetted database of shared research and intelligence, enabling your team to retain the relevant knowledge necessary to implement best practices and continuously grow.

The CyberNest for Teams Features

AI Research CoPilot

Your most powerful research analyst is powered by generative AI and fully integrated into The CyberNest Platform.

On-Demand Expert Network

Connect with and shadow cybersecurity experts whenever you need to and get best practices validated by unbiased practitioners with proven experience.

Peer-Rated Resources

Get peer-rated research and shared intelligence to make more informed decisions at scale.

Mentions and Tags

Tag and share with your team content that should be on their radar and supports active projects, increasing collaboration and engagement.

Annotations in Any of Our Assets

Engage with the resources and intel to enrich the content available and engage with team members.

Private Libraries and Custom Learning Paths

Create custom learning paths with curated collections relevant to your teams for long-term professional development.

Accessible and Localized Content

Get audio summaries for accessibility. Plus all content can be translated to 50+ languages with The CyberNest AI CoPilot.

Dedicated Customer Service Manager

Access our customer service team available to help you onboard and maximize your experience on the platform.

Purpose-built to elevate teams of every size and ambition.

The CyberNest is specifically designed to accommodate teams of different sizes, each with unique objectives. Regardless of your goals, The CyberNest is positioned to assist you.

Agile Defenders

For agile teams wanting to rapidly boost their cybersecurity knowledge and defenses, utilize our global network of cybersecurity experts and peer-vetted knowledge to create a cost-effective, hybrid cybersecurity team.

Growth Guardians

For leaders looking to promote team collaboration, accelerate their organization's progression toward information security program maturity and leadership with our context-driven capabilities and resources.

Optimization Architects

For procurement teams looking to make decisions faster and reduce friction as a result of tech sprawl. Strengthen your security strategies and simplify the evaluation process of security tools with peer validation.

Here's what our members are saying about The CyberNest

The CyberNest is a terrific place where CISOs can go to find information written by our peers. The quality of documentation I find there streamlines my research and saves me time because I know that I can trust the sources as they have been curated and vetted by other CISOs.

Sue BergamoFormer CISO, ActiveCampaign

The CyberNest is taking a fresh approach to information sharing. I save time because I can easily find the information I need and see what my peers think about it - all without sifting through Google results, signing up to download papers, or scheduling vendor calls

Steve SandersChief Risk Officer, Computer Services, Inc (CSI)

The CyberNest provides me the opportunity to explore content across different security domains and different types of authors- practitioners, organizations, or vendors who have objective content. I enjoy having the ability to express my opinions by reviewing content and I like being able to get the perspectives of others through their reviews.

Vito SardanopoliChief Risk Officer, Computer Services, Inc (CSI)

The CyberNest allows me to keep my thoughts about important things I read in one place. It will allow me to share them with my team, in an organized way. It also has relevant, and not-vendor-driven content. Plus, you get to see people’s reviews, and follow what YOUR colleagues find interesting.

Dmitriy SokolovskiyFormer CISO of Avid

Keeping up with developments in cybersecurity is a constant challenge – especially filtering signal from noise. With so much content being generated in the form of “whitepapers” that, more often than not, are biased towards promoting a specific “solution”, the CyberNest is a breath of fresh air as my new go-to source for quality content that is reviewed and rated by fellow CISOs I know I can trust to provide unbiased perspective.

Alain MarcuseFormer CISO of Validity

The CyberNest is a great platform for CISOs who want to level-up their knowledge and stay on top of trends. It’s a versatile platform that enables many different objectives. Whether you’re looking for a starting point for research, to get feedback on something you’re written, or just want to network with peers, The CyberNest is your one-stop connection to an active community of CISOs

Todd InskeepFormer CISO and Founder of Incovate Solutions LLC

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Community Member
Free for IT/Security Professionals

  • Full Access to Curated Content
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Content Search and Filtering
  • Personal Storage and Library
  • Content Rating and Reviews
  • Summaries, Audiocasts
  • Highlighting, Annotations
  • Access to Member Directory
  • Full Access to Curated Content
  • Weekly Newsletter
Premium Intelligence & Collaboration


billed annually

  • Up to 10 seats
  • 6 qty. Consultations w/ Expert Network
  • Collaborative Mentions and Tagging
  • Shared Team Workspace & Reviews
  • Collections and Curated Learning Paths
  • Team Activity Feeds and Notifications
  • AI-Market Research Analyst
  • Dedicated Client Service Manager

Expand Team Access
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/seat per month

Note: Requires Premium Intelligence & Collaboration.

Premium Services Add-On

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Our experts can help with experience-based insights and decision support services

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Pack of 5 consultations

Note: Requires Premium Intelligence & Collaboration.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about 'The CyberNest - Teams' here.

The CyberNest for Teams is an annual subscription product for premium intelligence and collaboration, offering a risk-free 14-day trial for IT and security teams. Individual IT and security professionals can access The CyberNest platform under a community edition account for free. Interested in joining as an individual? Apply here.

If you originally signed up with a company domain email, we can switch your current account to a personal email so you keep your private library and all annotations to date. If you signed up with a personal email, there will be no change, and you will maintain both accounts for personal and company use.

Simply click 'Start Your Free Trial' to begin your trial period and schedule a personalized demo. After the demo, we'll work with you to create a team workspace and initiate a quick onboarding process for your team members

The CyberNest for Teams is a private platform designed for organizations to collaborate, share knowledge, and solve problems privately. Teams' premium intelligence and collaboration features provide enhanced privacy, customization options, and tailored functionality that extend the capabilities of the community edition for individual IT and cybersecurity professionals.

The CyberNest for Teams helps IT and security teams collaborate privately and securely, boosting productivity and problem-solving by providing access to relevant peer-vetted security resources and domain knowledge from a global community of practitioners. It supports remote and hybrid teams in building workflows to extract and share knowledge among team members, and document security best practices for new team members.

Yes, we provide training guides and onboarding support for your team. With access to a dedicated customer success lead, we guide your team through onboarding and offer ongoing assistance. Our commitment is to equip you with the resources needed to maximize the benefits of your subscription, from setup to advanced features.

The CyberNest for Teams operates as a private instance, providing clients with a secure and confidential environment to collaborate and share knowledge. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance, security, and privacy. By leveraging our global community of security practitioners, we ensure rigorous internal security oversight and controls. Learn more about our security measures here

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