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The CyberNest is an exclusive peer review and information sharing platform for IT and cybersecurity professionals in midsize and large enterprises, including former practitioners now in consulting. Applicants must apply to access our collaborative environment, equipped with advanced tools for discovering, reviewing, and sharing security content. The platform fosters confidential knowledge exchange among like-minded peers to foster better decision-making. Everything we do is peer-driven, member-sourced, and validated by user ratings and member data for increased trust and relevance.

Yes, we firmly believe in providing access to high-quality, trusted security resources to all eligible IT and cybersecurity professionals who meet our admission criteria. We do plan to monetize via a subscription model for add-on features in the future. You can always stay a free member. We will never accept payment for content distribution. This model will never change to avoid bias and competing interests towards our mission. Vendors are permitted to share content with The CyberNest through a licensing model; however, this is still a free engagement and is intended to ensure content relevance for our members. Ultimately, our members decide the quality of the information, and we pride ourselves on providing them with the autonomy to do so.

After you submit your application, our team will review it to determine whether you meet our admission criteria. If you meet our criteria, you will be accepted into the community and will be able to access your account to start engaging in community-based research with your peers. We will notify you by email. You can also check the status of your application by re-signing in via email or LinkedIn. If you feel that we have misrepresented your professional background, please don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

The CyberNest is confidential. Members agree to follow Rules of Engagement covering confidentiality, communication, and conduct. We adopt the Chatham House Rule, preserving identity secrecy. The information and insights shared remain private, not for public sharing. These rules are strictly enforced. If a member violates any of the policies, including confidentiality, we reserve the right to remove their access to our community platform.

Yes! You can absolutely add your team members to The CyberNest's community. If you're a current member, your team members can join by using your name as the referrer in their application. This will expedite their application process. Referring team members or close connections not only helps them join faster but also strengthens collaboration for you on The CyberNest platform. There’s no limit to the number of referrals. Feel free to invite all eligible members!

The CyberNest for Teams is an annual subscription product for premium intelligence and collaboration, offering a risk-free 14-day trial for IT and security teams. Individual IT and security professionals can access The CyberNest platform under a community edition account for free. Interested in joining as an individual? Apply here.

If you originally signed up with a company domain email, we can switch your current account to a personal email so you keep your private library and all annotations to date. If you signed up with a personal email, there will be no change, and you will maintain both accounts for personal and company use.

Simply click 'Start Your Free Trial' to begin your trial period and schedule a personalized demo. After the demo, we'll work with you to create a team workspace and initiate a quick onboarding process for your team members

The CyberNest for Teams is a private platform designed for organizations to collaborate, share knowledge, and solve problems privately. Teams' premium intelligence and collaboration features provide enhanced privacy, customization options, and tailored functionality that extend the capabilities of the community edition for individual IT and cybersecurity professionals.

The CyberNest for Teams helps IT and security teams collaborate privately and securely, boosting productivity and problem-solving by providing access to relevant peer-vetted security resources and domain knowledge from a global community of practitioners. It supports remote and hybrid teams in building workflows to extract and share knowledge among team members, and document security best practices for new team members.

Yes, we provide training guides and onboarding support for your team. With access to a dedicated customer success lead, we guide your team through onboarding and offer ongoing assistance. Our commitment is to equip you with the resources needed to maximize the benefits of your subscription, from setup to advanced features.

The CyberNest for Teams operates as a private instance, providing clients with a secure and confidential environment to collaborate and share knowledge. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance, security, and privacy. By leveraging our global community of security practitioners, we ensure rigorous internal security oversight and controls. Learn more about our security measures here

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